About Us

Hi there,

Thanks for stopping in to check out Glow. 

I’m Sydney, a 20 year old w/ big business dreams that I have decided to make a reality. Owning my own clothing boutique has been something I’ve dreamed of for about 2 years now. I finally decided to take a leap of faith and turn this dream into reality.

After going back and forth with name ideas for what seemed like forever, I decided on Glow; mainly for what the word can represent. To be "glowing" is one of the best feelings to have or compliments to receive. When your inner happiness is so significant that it flows outward to affect your appearance and how you carry yourself, you glow. 

Glow is a fashion boutique focused on offering classy, funky, and trendy, new and used clothing for all women. However, I hope for Glow to be much more than that. I want this brand to inspire young women to be confident and chase their dreams, regardless of what they are. I want to encourage you to spread your wings and take up space. The world is a better place when you do.

Now let's find you a cute outfit to get you started.